The Calvechy brand creates designs for tennis clothing. The brand can be identified by its logo on each item of clothing and accessories. Calvechy specializes in making t-shirts, hoodies for men, women and children.
The brand advocates as a slogan "Life in abundance"

Abundance is an attitude.
Everyone dreams of living an abundant life. Indeed, we all want to live prosperous lives where we can thrive. While it might seem hard to believe, in reality we have what it takes to live an abundant life because the most important ingredient in abundance is attitude.

With this in mind, we advocate for each person who identifies with our brand:
1. Have an abundance mindset.
The abundance mentality says there is enough for everyone, so someone else's gain is not your loss.
2. Be grateful for what you have.
You need to look at what you already have and be grateful for them instead of complaining about the things you don't have.
3. Smile.
Smiling is a way to change the tone of your day. By smiling, you are sending a positive message to yourself and to others that you are a winner in life.
4. Start your days off on the right foot.
The way you start your days greatly influences how they will be. That's why you need to make sure you start your day right.
5. Prepare for opportunities.
The first thing you need to do is prepare for opportunities so that you are ready when they arise. Here are some things you can do to prepare for opportunities:
Know your strengths.
Develop your skills.
Be an observer.
6. Build on what you have built.
The easiest way to accomplish bigger things in life is to build on what you've built. Rather than starting from scratch, build on what you already have to advance to the next level.
7. Enjoy your life.
Living an abundant life means that you should be able to enjoy your life now without expecting something big in the future. You can be happy right now with what you have.

    Calvechy "Life in abundance"